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Premium Grade Cement and Aggregates for the Trade

We offer a range of dry mix concrete product and mortar, as well as a mix of aggregates and ballast. Stocking only trade reputable brands, carefully selected to ensure a quality and lasting build, you can be confident that they will look the part for years to come.  

Whether you are laying a drive, concreting a fence post, building a wall or undertaking a major construction job, you’ll find the materials you need from our range of cement products and additives, decorative aggregates, gravel, sand and stone.

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The chemical composition of cement is generally defined by the proportions and mass percentages of raw sources of lime, iron, silica and alumina, in addition to temperature and heating duration. We stock several types of cement including high strength, rapid set, and ordinary Portland cement. Also amongst our product list is dry mixed, multi-purpose concrete and mortar to save you the work of selecting aggregates and mixing.


Aggregates, classified by particle size and consistency, are an essential component of the concrete mix, they should be selected to reflect the job or purpose intended. Aggregates alter the gradation, size, weight and moisture content, and ultimately the performance of the concrete mix. They comprise of as much as 70% of the concrete mix,  so they must be measured for durability, uniformity and finish.

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