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Bricks, Blocks and Lintels at Trade Prices.

Our range of bricks, blocks and lintels offers the trade the materials they need to complete building and masonry construction jobs.

Choose from aerated, common clay bricks (for more basic work), concrete bricks in various colours for new house builds or housing renovation jobs, facing bricks for external walls and engineering bricks, formed at high temperatures, for augmented load-bearing capacity and damp-proof characteristics.

You also have a choice of dense, lightweight, and aerated blocks. Our range of dense blocks are durable. They can be reused time and again, they have a high thermal mass, and a very high strength. Where loading is more restricted, choose from our lightweight blocks, which have better insulating than dense blocks, as well as a lighter unit weight. Aerated concrete blocks are the lightest blocks, distinguished by their multi-functional nature as both insulating and structural.

Choose your ideal lintel from our range and lay across the top of windows and doors to take the load from the structure above and provide further support – as well as decoration.  Our selection of pad stones also provide the horizontal support you need for materials such as wood or stone and are easier to construct than arches.

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Bricks are an essential building material for building job and pavement construction or repair jobs. Their structural integrity and affordability ensures they are the perfect option for building construction and we have sourced a range of different options to suit a variety of building project needs.

Concrete blocks have been used by masons across the centuries, as they are a highly efficient building material, we stock three types of block so you can choose the type you need according to your building project.


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