Certified Timber – Your Essential Overview

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Are you using certified timber? Timber is a popular building material to use, but it also comes with many key considerations, one of which is the safety and sustainability of the forests from which it comes from. Wood is a valuable and useful commodity, but requires some level of protection to ensure consistent supplies are not depleted and the planet is not harmed through its usage. 
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BUILT/ Founder & MD speaks at SuiteWorld17

The Founder and Managing Director of BUILT/, Nick Thomas was recently invited to Netsuite’s “SuiteWorld17” annual conference in Las Vegas to talk on stage during a Keynote about how BUILT/ is developing a new concept for a building materials supplier, utilising the Netsuite platform. Watch Nick on stage with Branden Jenkins – the RVP of Retail for Oracle + Netsuite – below or read the transcription. Continue reading “BUILT/ Founder & MD speaks at SuiteWorld17”

Four Inspirational Timber Structures

Timber has always been a popular building material and has been used to construct houses and other buildings for thousands of years. Yet, there was a time when using wood to build fell out of favour (think of the great fire of London!) and was replaced by stone as the number one choice. But in recent years, forward thinking architects, inspired by environmental concerns, have started to re-appraise the ways in which timber structures can be used and the beauty they brings. Continue reading “Four Inspirational Timber Structures”

Is your timber making the grade?

Timber is available in a wide range of appearances and quality types. Its appearance is defined by the wood itself, its grain, any knots and whether any fungi growth has been allowed to occur for a spalted effect. There are several hundred different types of timber available and prices will vary wildly depending on the quality, strength, age and rarity of the wood. Continue reading “Is your timber making the grade?”

Finding Good Quality Timber

Anyone who works with timber will understand and appreciate its many benefits; its structural strength, flexibility and its relatively low embodied carbon construction.  However, something that certainly doesn’t come with the same level of appreciation is the time it takes to track down quality timber from a reliable supplier that won’t bow or twist before its even arrived on site.  The ability to find and select quality timber that will keep its shape is an important skill for anyone in the trade.  The first step towards achieving this is to understand why timber will bow, twist, bend and cup, so when you are locating the good stuff, you know what to look out for.   Continue reading “Finding Good Quality Timber”